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Hello all surfers; welcome to PageSurfers.com!

I’m proud to introduce more than 60 traffic exchange websites to you. All of these traffic services is in use by me and working with success. You can try and gain traffic for your website, increase Alexa rate, top up your SEO or just use them to earn money.

Autosurf traffic services can be used for easy traffic. But autosurf traffic is always lower quality than manual surf; because using manual surf means real eyes are watching sites one way or another. You can earn money with using some manual surf services or you can use ad networks for your websites. Lot of ad networks (Like Google Adsense) ban surf traffic but we have a list name “Paying Ad Networks” shows ad networks suitable to use with autosurf and manual surf.

You can find “Timer” in my list. This indicator shows visit time of selected surfer. If you need Alexa boostup, try short times and gain much visitors. If you need ad revenue and lower bounce rate, try longer times.

Never forget; you can never get same amount of traffic on every service. Some services have few members but with better features; some services have lot of members but without advantages. Also, this list always shows free member features and every surfer site has premium plans which are always much better surfing experience and better results for your website. Always consider what you need and premium plans.

My list will always be active and fresh. Everyday I test more traffic exchange surfers and I’m going to add this list.

I hope you will find the best for you and gain traffic & earn money.